Testing and

Commissioning of substations
and electrical equipment

We offer expert commissioning services that can be individually tailored to meet the customer’s needs and work site. The services can range from the commissioning of an individual switchboard to the commissioning of a substation. We manage a wide range of equipment from different manufacturers, both on the low and high voltage sides.

Testing and commissioning services include:

  • Commissioning inspections and measuring activities, as well as tests of substations
  • Commissioning inspections and electrical measurements of substations and main switchboards
  • Testing of protection relays of high and medium voltage grids
  • Commissioning of back-up power and UPS-grids
  • Commissioning of electricity monitoring and automation systems

Maintenance works and periodical
inspections of substations

Electric Power Finland’s flexible and cost-effective substation maintenance service package enables maintenance of all substation equipment on the same visit. Maintenance can be performed on all device models commonly used in Finland, regardless of the manufacturer or the year of manufacture. The transformer maintenance concept is always suitable; from a small one-transformer property substation to a larger industrial plant. If necessary, the maintenance can also be carried out at the best time in terms of electricity distribution, for example in the evening, at night or on the weekend.

The service package is always tailored according to the site and the customer’s needs, including for example:

  • Disconnector and circuit breaker maintenance
  • Protection relay and protection device tests
  • Testing of arc protection relays
  • Transformer maintenance, oil samples and oil analyses
  • Inspection of cable terminals
  • Transformer cleanings
  • Discharge tests of batteries and inspection of rectifier equipment and replacement of batteries
  • Compensation equipment maintenance
  • Site electricity and lighting during maintenance and larger backup power machines for critical equipment during maintenance
  • Grounding measurements, ground resistance tests, grounding continuity measurements
  • Thermal imaging
  • Power quality analysis
  • Instructions and training for operation
  • Renewal of circuit breakers, protection relays, or other electrical distribution devices and the related designs
  • Selectivity analysis and reconfiguration of protection relays
  • Life cycle assessment and renovation recommendations for electrical equipment of distribution system
  • Planning of maintenance and switching programs
  • Maintenance, test reports and documentation